Sunset - Larnaca

Sunset - Larnaca

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Human Person as the Foundation of our Global Society

Our society,  through cinema, music videos, and adverts, likes to emphasise the fact that evil can in fact be fought and taken over by goodness. We, as human beings are drawn to the joy and hope of things working out, to the light at the end of the tunnel and the defeat of evil. Blockbuster and action movies can be many things - but one recurring theme within them, is the essentially good nature of mankind, standing up and fighting for what is right, just, kind and self-sacrificial.

It is easy to criticise the values of contemporary european society, but surely a society which upholds sticking up for one another through difficulties, a society which loves, cherishes and protects its children and most vulnerable members, seeking to promote mutual respect and freedom is a society we should be content with; if not proud of. 

Recent events in the Middle East have opened our eyes to evil atrocities, with ISIS, the islamist extremist terrorist group, slaughtering children and aid workers; savagely executing innocent and devout Christians; stoning couples they suspect to be homosexual - all part of their demonic and delusional plan of 'ethnic cleansing,' and their desire to destroy the great, yet humble presence of the holy Christian faith within the region.

In view of these atrocious events, we witness the majority of our global society coming together in denouncing such acts against humanity. The freedom of religion, expression, speech and the great worth of every human being, are things which should not be taken for granted; but continuously fought for in our constant battle against evil. A battle which will always be won by putting our neighbour first; a battle which proves and reinforces that the human being, as an image of God is fundamentally good. 

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