Sunset - Larnaca

Sunset - Larnaca

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Saint Inan of Irvine

Saint Inan (also referrered to as Evan) is the patron saint of Irvine, in North Ayrshire. He is said to have resided in Irvine during the 9th century, and had supposedly come from the holy isle of Iona.

Though he was a hermit, according to tradition, St Inan often visited the town of Beith. A nearby hill, known as 'St Inan's Chair' is said to have been used by the saint as a pulpit, in order to preach to the assembled faithful. Just like other saints of his time, Inan would concentrate on the most populated settlements, particularly where pagan worship was a frequent occurrence, in order to share the Christian faith.

Saint Inan's cell was located on the site of todays kirk dedicated to St Mary, in Beith. After taking pilgrimages to both Rome and Jerusalem, the saint finally settled in Irvine where he died. His tomb was frequently visited by the local faithful, with many accounts of miracles taking place at his holy relics.

Dundonald Castle once consisted of a chapel dedicated to Saint Inan - highlighting the locals honour, respect, and love for their local saint of God. His memory is traditionally celebrated on the the 18th of August.

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